Friday, September 2, 2011

Lava Girl

Last year for Halloween, as I'm sure you remember, (and I'm sure you do).
 My girls were the CUTEST little bumble bees you ever did see, EVER! . :)

 I mean, seriously,  who could  forget my little yellow and black beauties! :)
OK, I know,  I can shut up now.

Anyway,  last year Josh and I dressed up as hippies.  Rilyn was obsessed! I have been planning all year to make the cutest little hippie costume and now she has informed me that she wants to be Lava Girl.

With REAL lava.

It HAS to be real she said.


My hopes and dreams of forever spoiling my girls rotten and giving my kids what ever they want is shot to  you-know-what.

This is one thing I don't even think this Super Mom can pull off.

And I am preeeeetty darn super, if I must say so my self!

^ (I like to brag.)^
Can you tell?

OK, Ill shut up again..

SO about the costumes!

Oh yea, I'm screwed. :(

 Or maybe not......
I need to order real lava and there is one place I havent checked!


Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)