Thursday, September 29, 2011

Booty Shorts-

Last night while getting the kiddos ready for bed Rilyn shocked us all.

I put on her PJ shorts and she said " Aww.. man. These are my booty shorts!"

"Your what??" I asked. 
In shock.

Then, immediately, a million things started running thru my mind. Like, where  in the heck could she have learned about 'booty shorts'?  She is 3!  

 I sure in the heck don't wear them.
For surrrre.

Then I began thinking...
Has my mom been letting her watch Jerry Springer?
My mom loves her some Jerry, BUT she knows the kids cant watch it. Surely she didn't let Rilyn watch it. Surely.

With all of this running thru my mind....
She  leaned over, cupped her mouth like she was telling me a secret, and whispered.."they are my booty shorts that means they give my booty a  wedgie!"

Then she began picking her rear profusely.

"See Mom! They gave me a wedgie!!" 

Maybe they were a little tight on her..... LOL

I think I came this close [ ] to having a heart attack. Seriously.