Thursday, September 29, 2011

Booty Shorts-

Last night while getting the kiddos ready for bed Rilyn shocked us all.

I put on her PJ shorts and she said " Aww.. man. These are my booty shorts!"

"Your what??" I asked. 
In shock.

Then, immediately, a million things started running thru my mind. Like, where  in the heck could she have learned about 'booty shorts'?  She is 3!  

 I sure in the heck don't wear them.
For surrrre.

Then I began thinking...
Has my mom been letting her watch Jerry Springer?
My mom loves her some Jerry, BUT she knows the kids cant watch it. Surely she didn't let Rilyn watch it. Surely.

With all of this running thru my mind....
She  leaned over, cupped her mouth like she was telling me a secret, and whispered.."they are my booty shorts that means they give my booty a  wedgie!"

Then she began picking her rear profusely.

"See Mom! They gave me a wedgie!!" 

Maybe they were a little tight on her..... LOL

I think I came this close [ ] to having a heart attack. Seriously.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tutu Hairbow Holder...

Here is my 1st attempt at making Rilyn a new hair bow holder.

Purty darn cute!

Zebra and rock star just like her room!:)

It is already FULL an I didn't even put a dent in her bows! Now all I need to do is make about 10 more to told all of her bows! :)

Just wait...I have a SUPER CUTE idea for Raigen's hair bow holder! :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ms. Busy-Body

This two year old of mine is a handful to say the least. She may very well be the cutest kid evvvver, but she is a busy-body!

Isn't she a doll! :)

Last night was our annual CASA Fish Fry and I made the mistake of allowing Josh to bring that wild two year old of mine.

Ever think to yourself,  "shoulda got a sitter."

Thats exactly what I was saying. Aloud.

 Not only did she venture to the kitchen like 100  times BUT she also managed to hit a few keys on the computer, interrupting the slide show we had going. She had quite the spectators too.

I could only imagine what everyone else was thinking.... poor lady having to chase that rotten little kid...God bless her.

Yep, that is exactly what I was doing.
Chasing her.!

To burn some of her endless supply of energy we had enrolled her in gymnastics.
Which, by the way, hasn't helped.

 So I'm seriously thinking about investing in one of these bad boys:

Child Hamster Wheel.

I'm dead serious.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Did I tell yall that my oldest princess is playing soccer? :)

Just like her mommy did.
Here are some pictures from Rilyns first soccer game!

She even scored a goal! :)

And YES I am aware that her hig orange bow doesnt match. We didnt get her uniform until right before her game. So, a bow is better than no bow. :)

Here is a picture of her right before her first practice. :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Silly, Silly Raigen!

She came strolling out of my bedroom wearing this on her head!!

Silly girl!

Isnt she the cutest thing ever?? :)

From this to that!

As I have probably already told you, I have been redecorating my friend's children's rooms.

Here is a pink chair that I painted to go in the newest bedroom I did.

I LOVED  it so much that I wished I could have kept it for Rilyn's room!

Yes, I hand painted everything on it.... lots and lots of painting!
Well worth it though. :)

Name Signs

I just recently started making these cute name signs.

Here is one that says 'Morgan" in cheetah print:

And here is another that says 'Krista"

They are so easy to make and perfect for gifts!!

I about to make Rilyn one for her room! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


Feel special, the whole 3 of you that read this blog will be the first to feast your eyes on our news!

No we are not pregnant so shut up.

However, our guestroom will soon get a new little tenet. :)

I don't know how else to explain it, other than , Josh and I were asked by a family member of mine to take in her little boy.

All I can say is that she is going thru a difficult time right now and it would help her to know he is a good, safe place, being taken care of.

We are not sure how long he will be here, as of right now, it looks like a year at the least.

He just turned 3 years old and Rilyn is VERY excited to have someone to play with! :)

Yes, that means we will have a 2,3,and 4 year old.

Ummmm.. yeah. :)

We are excited though.

Me working with CASA and foster kids has really opened my eyes.  A lot. We are so ready to help this little boy anyway we can.

We feel like there is plenty of love in this Long House to share. :)

The Wishbone.

Little did I know something so sweet and innocent from my childhood past could go so terribly wrong.

This past week I was DE-boning a chicken to make some yummy chicken salad.

My mouth is watering as we speak!

OK, back to the story!
Anyway, I called Rilyn in to make a wish and break the wishbone with me.

I explained to her the rules.

It broke and I won.

It wasn't intentional, I mean, I did give the kid a chance.

Somehow I beat her, and...... it felt pretty good.

Yeah, yeah.... I know she is 'only three' BUT like her Dad says... "shes got to learn how to lose sometime."

Heck,  we played  5 rounds of Candyland the other night and she won EVERY TIME!

And when I gave up, I asked Josh "Aren't you tired of playing??"

They were only on their 12th game.

"Yeah, but Ive GOT to beat her! She has won every friggin' time!" he said. LOL

Anyway, so for a split second I was on top of the world!

THEN she started crying.... 

"What did you wish for Mommy?" She sobbed.

And quick thinking me produced this.." I wished for your wish to come true."

She smiled.

I smiled.

"What was your wish?" I asked her.

And that quick thinking little turd came up with this..."I wished , that you would wish, that my wish would come true."


Friday, September 2, 2011


WIth me working in sales you would THINK that Josh and I wouldnt fall for these freakin' door to door sales people.


I don't know what it is about our house that just attracts sales people! It could be that we are the biggest house on our street and that 90% of the other homes are trailers.

But this is good 'ole Polk County and um, that don't me nothin'!

We aren't rich and we sure in the heck don't need a $2400.00 vacuum.

Anyway, that hasn't stopped us.

To date, we have bought:

 A $2400 vacuum.

An alarm system.

 A few boxes of steak and shrimp.


A $50 bottle of Organic All Purpose Cleaner.

And it wouldn't surprise me if I  left something off the list.

Well, with all that said, we have been invited to tour a timeshare.

And I know what you're thinking...


Because I am thinking the same thing.

They have already suckered us into the tour with a free cruise.

And the 'plan' is to just get the cruise and go home.

That's the PLAN.

Josh, however, doesn't have high hopes for us.

Today he called and wanted to go to lunch.

"We have been going out to lunch everyday." I told him.

I get tired eating out everyday.

"Well, this will be the last time for a while." he tried to bargain. 

" Well... until tomorrow, when we go to tour our  new timeshare!" he added.

Then he added,
" Cause I know your gonna be wanting to live it up after we become timeshare owners!"

Ha Ha.

Not funny Josh.

You need to get your game face on Josh!

Insert:  me, laughing hysterically!
(I just pictured him with his 'game face' on with that bald head!!)

Bahahahaha....Too funny!

Lava Girl

Last year for Halloween, as I'm sure you remember, (and I'm sure you do).
 My girls were the CUTEST little bumble bees you ever did see, EVER! . :)

 I mean, seriously,  who could  forget my little yellow and black beauties! :)
OK, I know,  I can shut up now.

Anyway,  last year Josh and I dressed up as hippies.  Rilyn was obsessed! I have been planning all year to make the cutest little hippie costume and now she has informed me that she wants to be Lava Girl.

With REAL lava.

It HAS to be real she said.


My hopes and dreams of forever spoiling my girls rotten and giving my kids what ever they want is shot to  you-know-what.

This is one thing I don't even think this Super Mom can pull off.

And I am preeeeetty darn super, if I must say so my self!

^ (I like to brag.)^
Can you tell?

OK, Ill shut up again..

SO about the costumes!

Oh yea, I'm screwed. :(

 Or maybe not......
I need to order real lava and there is one place I havent checked!


Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)