Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Pantie Liner

Y'all.. I'm telling you this three year old of mine is keeps me on my toes!! LOL

Today Rilyn found a pantie liner.

Apparently while I was doing laundry she was digging in the bathroom cabinet.

I didn't think she knew exactly what to do with it, but.............. apparently I was wrong.

"Look what I found mom!" She yells, showing me her 'prize'.

"What is it?" I asked. I wanted to see if she had any idea what she found.

"Its one of those things, ya know." She explained.

"Its like one of those big things that go in your panties, but this is a little one. Its just my size.!!" She said smiling.

"Can I put it in my panties?" She begged.

"No!" I screeched. "Go put it up!"

"Ahhh MAN!" she said disappointingly.

If she only knew.....

Boy, I cant wait till she is older and we have 'the talk' and I get to show her all these funny little stories from when she was little. :)