Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My haircut.

Well.............OK. I'm just going to say it....

 I gave myself a haircut!

Now  for a tiny second it seemed to be a great' idea but then it quickly turned tragic.

I didn't just trim my hair people... I freakin' gave myself a a bob... which closely resembles Josh's haircut from his kid pictures.... you know, those ever so popular bowl cuts. Yea, its lovely.

While getting ready to go out with the girls for drinks Friday night I was having major problems getting my hair to do anything.

That's when I grabbed the scissors. I thought it would be easier to fix if it were a little shorter, shoulder length. 

So I cut it.

First the left side, then the right.

And that's when panic struck and I realized I couldn't cut the back of my hair.

So I called Josh in to help.

Him laughing at me should of been the 1st clue that he may not be the best candidate for finishing up my new look, but it was either him or Rilyn so I handed him the scissors.

"Just trim the back." I told him.  "Just make it even with what I already cut." I instructed.

Simple enough, right?..


He takes the scissors and cuts a huge chunk out of the back and immediately he is laughing hysterically.
THEN he tells me to just shave it.

I immediately grab the mirror to check it out...

and immediately I start laughing so hard I was crying.. or I could of been crying so hard I was laughing. I don't know...

At that point it all had happened so fast it kind of felt surreal, like a dream. I mean, I hadn't even put much thought into a haircut.  Anyway, what was done, was done. Its short and I am not getting it fixed because I know they will have to cut more off to even it out. So for now, I can only where my hair curly, so you cant see  my 'shark bite' hair cut.

That's the first thing that came to mind when I took at look at the back... It looks like a shark bit the back of my hair off!

Oh well... you live and you learn. And i definitely learned!