Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Carson's Vintage Airplane Room- Reveal!

Ok, so I have been planning this room for a good week now and finally its done! Josh painted it for me one afternoon after work and I worked on it the next day and its finished!
My good friend Tiffani wanted me to redecorate her son's room. She actually wanted to pay me but since I LOVE doing stuff like this I said I would be happy to do it for free. I like to do stuff on a small budget, because that's how I roll. So after we decided on a theme I estimated the cost and she gave me $125.00
I actually ended up completing it for only $114, (ssh, don't tell her :))


OK, so as you can probably tell I suck at photography...Ill do my best though.
Here is the wall to the right as you walk in....

Up close of the sign I made.

The frame is actually metal and really worn looking which I LOVE. I took 3 different style letters, painted them the color scheme of the room, and distressed them. Then I glued them to the glass in the picture frame. :)

This is the wall above his dresser. I painted wooden letters red and distressed them too. 

This is the wall by the far window..

I hung 4 black frames that cost me a $1 each and I filled them with pictures of vintage planes I printed online for FREE!

And in case you haven't noticed the black stuff on the top of the wall is the plain that is magically flying around the room... you will see him in a min.

I bought a lamp and recovered the shade in the same fabric i used for one of the throw pillows.

 Not a very good pic, but this is my fav. The 'c' is painted and distressed , under that is a red and yellow metal plain, and under that is a sign I made that cost me $1. I painted the frame read and I painted the matte yellow (yes you can paint paper) and I printed a sign that says : PILOT in training. :)