Monday, August 29, 2011

The Budlight Weenie Roast.

In case you were wondering where all the trailer trash disappeared to yesterday, wonder no more.

4 words.... Bud Light Weenie Roast.

I don't think it helped that it was 108 outside, because if they didn't show up half naked they were shortly after arriving.

Simply, eye catching.

And not in a good way.

Luckily we sat behind, what look like a school teacher and her husband. I know this because she wore pressed khaki bermuda shorts, a modest light pink top, sperrys, AND mid concert she began to grade papers.

Oh, and she had the cutest pearl ear rings!

Did I forget to mention we were at a ROCK concert?

At first, I thought they were lost. Then all the sudden she threw her fist up and began knodding her head.

Wow, coulda fooled me...


The seats directly in front of them were all pre-teens. Pre-teens, dressed like I know their mamas didn't know they were dressed, dressed.  Um yeah.

You see, I was merely there for moral support for my Joshy. I don't know, or should I say didn't know  who, POD or Puddle of Mud were. The only band I was even slightly happy to see was Buckcherry and that slight happiness quickly left once they took the stage.

"Please! Just play your 2 good songs and shut up!" I desperatly wanted to yell.
 ( Like he could hear me anyway.)

But, no.

He played, and played, and played.. a bunch of crap I had never heard, talked a good bit about cocaine, and played some more.

 It was lovely.

And quiet educational.

Did you know that if you do cocaine it sobers you up and you can drink more?..

(Insert sarcasm)
 WOW! Great to know! Ill be sure and remember that in case I ever decided to try cocaine!

I also learned that me and rock music... not the best of friends.

Um, yeah... Can you say  'never again'?

However, I must say, I did enjoy spending the day with my hunny and I am glad he enjoyed the concert. :)

 Next Bud Light Weenie Roast, I will get him a man date! :)