Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'Brown People'

The other day Josh was trying to look up a song that Rilyn LOVES on the computer for her to listen to. It comes on the Disney channel.

"Hey, what is the name of that black girl that sings that song you like?" he asked her.

That didn't go over so well..

She quickly came into the kitchen to me.

"Mom! Dad just called that brown girl that sings my favorite song BLACK!" She hissed.

I guess she wanted me to put him in time out or maybe take away his toys.

"Yes, that is what we call brown people. We call them black people. And we are white people." I tried to explain.

And while explaining it, I started second guessing my self. Like, maybe we shouldn't call them black. Do I sound racist.??
That's the last thing I wanted to sound like to my 3 year old. But she put me on the spot and that was the best I could do.

Meanwhile, while I'm digging a hole, Josh repeats over and over again.. " the color of someones skin doesn't matter Rilyn.. everyone is people are the same as white people just a different color skin... "
"She is three, Josh. And she doesn't care what any ones color is. " I tried to tell him.
Anyway, after all of this explaining, she shrieks... "So you call brown people black?...JUST FOR NO REASON AT ALL??" much for us explaining everything.