Monday, August 22, 2011

Arn't these the cutest kids you have EVER seen?...

This weekend we attended a birthday party and the special guest was Spongbob. Rilyn was super impressed and excited to meet him.

Until.... she realized it was someone dressed up like Spongebob.

"Mom, is there someone in there?" she asked pointing to the costume.

"Why do you ask that?" I questioned.

"Because I can see their eyes through the costume!!" she shrieked.


Its a dang good think I didn't spend $200 on those Minnie and Mickey Mouse costumes for their birthdays!

 I looooove seeing them do things like this together!  Probably because it doesn't happen often or for very long. Its usually followed up by Raigen snatching what ever they are playing with up and running and Rilyn yelling "Mom! Raigen wont share!!"

Yes , I am SOOOO one of those moms that secretly wanted twins therefore I dress my girls alike evvvvvery chance I get. :) I love it!

I love these two rotten little girls! ♥