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We are just some hair cut given fools, aren't we!
I don't think I really need to explain, the pictures say it all.
Just in case, here ya go....
Josh got a wild hair and decided to shave his head!
In the 8 years we have been together I have never seen him look like this! EVER! LOL
Normally I'm not a fan of the whole bald head thing, never have been, but its growing on me.:)
With hair, or with out, he is pretty darn hot if you ask me! :)

One tip babe! Get that head to some sun, ASAP!! :)

The Budlight Weenie Roast.

In case you were wondering where all the trailer trash disappeared to yesterday, wonder no more.
4 words.... Bud Light Weenie Roast.
I don't think it helped that it was 108 outside, because if they didn't show up half naked they were shortly after arriving.
Simply, eye catching.
And not in a good way.
Luckily we sat behind, what look like a school teacher and her husband. I know this because she wore pressed khaki bermuda shorts, a modest light pink top, sperrys, AND mid concert she began to grade papers.
Oh, and she had the cutest pearl ear rings!
Did I forget to mention we were at a ROCK concert?
At first, I thought they were lost. Then all the sudden she threw her fist up and began knodding her head.
Wow, coulda fooled me...
The seats directly in front of them were all pre-teens. Pre-teens, dressed like I know their mamas didn't know they were dressed, dressed.  Um yeah.
You see, I was merely there for moral support for my Joshy. I don't know, or should I say di…

Arn't these the cutest kids you have EVER seen?...

This weekend we attended a birthday party and the special guest was Spongbob. Rilyn was super impressed and excited to meet him.
Until.... she realized it was someone dressed up like Spongebob.
"Mom, is there someone in there?" she asked pointing to the costume.
"Why do you ask that?" I questioned.
"Because I can see their eyes through the costume!!" she shrieked.
Its a dang good think I didn't spend $200 on those Minnie and Mickey Mouse costumes for their birthdays!

So CUTE!  I looooove seeing them do things like this together!  Probably because it doesn't happen often or for very long. Its usually followed up by Raigen snatching what ever they are playing with up and running and Rilyn yelling "Mom! Raigen wont share!!"
Yes , I am SOOOO one of those moms that secretly wanted twins therefore I dress my girls alike evvvvvery chance I get. :) I love it!
I I love these two rotten little girls! ♥

My haircut.

Well.............OK. I'm just going to say it....

 I gave myself a haircut!
Now  for a tiny second it seemed to be a great' idea but then it quickly turned tragic.
I didn't just trim my hair people... I freakin' gave myself a a bob... which closely resembles Josh's haircut from his kid pictures.... you know, those ever so popular bowl cuts. Yea, its lovely.
While getting ready to go out with the girls for drinks Friday night I was having major problems getting my hair to do anything.

That's when I grabbed the scissors. I thought it would be easier to fix if it were a little shorter, shoulder length. 

So I cut it.

First the left side, then the right.

And that's when panic struck and I realized I couldn't cut the back of my hair.

So I called Josh in to help.

Him laughing at me should of been the 1st clue that he may not be the best candidate for finishing up my new look, but it was either him or Rilyn so I handed him the scissors.

"Just trim the …

Restroom Embarrasment!

OK, so yesterday Rilyn had to go to the pee during gymnastics class.
I have to help her get in and out of her leo. So, when she was done I bent down and pulled up her leotard for her.
I thought I heard her fart.
"Did you just fart?" I asked her.
Obviously she thought I had smelt something and that's why I asked her that because she quickly replied with.."no, that's your breath."
I could help but laugh... and try to defend myself, because yes, there were other people in the bathroom!!
Talk about embarrassing!
To my defense though: I WAS chewing gum so my breath couldn't have smelled that bad!

The Pantie Liner

Y'all.. I'm telling you this three year old of mine is keeps me on my toes!! LOL
Today Rilyn found a pantie liner.
Apparently while I was doing laundry she was digging in the bathroom cabinet.
I didn't think she knew exactly what to do with it, but.............. apparently I was wrong.
"Look what I found mom!" She yells, showing me her 'prize'.
"What is it?" I asked. I wanted to see if she had any idea what she found.
"Its one of those things, ya know." She explained.
"Its like one of those big things that go in your panties, but this is a little one. Its just my size.!!" She said smiling.
"Can I put it in my panties?" She begged.
"No!" I screeched. "Go put it up!"
"Ahhh MAN!" she said disappointingly.

If she only knew.....
Boy, I cant wait till she is older and we have 'the talk' and I get to show her all these funny little stories from when she was little. :)

Can you say "CHEESE"?


Rilyn, Raigen, & Laci!

A couple of weeks ago one of Rilyn B-F-F's, Laci, came over for a slumber party and ofcourse they wanted matching outfits! LOL I dropped by wal-mart and was able to pick them all (including Raigen) matching outfits! On clearance! :) The cute pink and white polka dot capris were only $1 each and the white tanks were $2. So then all I had to do is make them matching hairbows! And that only cost me about $1 each. :)

Rilyn's Recital Picture!


'Brown People'

The other day Josh was trying to look up a song that Rilyn LOVES on the computer for her to listen to. It comes on the Disney channel.
"Hey, what is the name of that black girl that sings that song you like?" he asked her.
That didn't go over so well..
She quickly came into the kitchen to me.
"Mom! Dad just called that brown girl that sings my favorite song BLACK!" She hissed.
I guess she wanted me to put him in time out or maybe take away his toys.
"Yes, that is what we call brown people. We call them black people. And we are white people." I tried to explain.
And while explaining it, I started second guessing my self. Like, maybe we shouldn't call them black. Do I sound racist.?? That's the last thing I wanted to sound like to my 3 year old. But she put me on the spot and that was the best I could do.
Meanwhile, while I'm digging a hole, Josh repeats over and over again.. " the color of someones skin doesn't matter Rilyn.. everyon…

Marilyn?? Hehe...


Carson's Vintage Airplane Room- Reveal!

Ok, so I have been planning this room for a good week now and finally its done! Josh painted it for me one afternoon after work and I worked on it the next day and its finished! My good friend Tiffani wanted me to redecorate her son's room. She actually wanted to pay me but since I LOVE doing stuff like this I said I would be happy to do it for free. I like to do stuff on a small budget, because that's how I roll. So after we decided on a theme I estimated the cost and she gave me $125.00 I actually ended up completing it for only $114, (ssh, don't tell her :))

OK, so as you can probably tell I suck at photography...Ill do my best though. Here is the wall to the right as you walk in....
Up close of the sign I made.
The frame is actually metal and really worn looking which I LOVE. I took 3 different style letters, painted them the color scheme of the room, and distressed them. Then I glued them to the glass in the picture frame. :) 

This is the wall above his dresser. I…