Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mud Pies & More!

Fun in the sun RAIN! Yesterday we got a good pour! In in honor of some much needed rain I let the girls play in it.  I know, shocking to some of you!  Roxie? Roxie Long? ...Let her girls play in the mud?..

YES! :)

Rilyn was super excited to get started on her mud pies. I think she has been secretly planning to make some for quite sometime. As soon as I put her swim suite on her she grabbed her measuring cups, a large spoon and a pan. lol

Raigen, on the other hand, wasn't too sure of the rain.

In the midst of the rain it started to thunder. Rilyn informed me that she heard "crumbles in the sky."

"What are crumbles?" I asked her.

"They are crumbles, you know, from heaven!" She said.

"What makes crumbles?" I asked her.

"I think God is eating cookies because you konw they have cookies in heaven.  And I think some of the crumbles from his cookies fell down and that is what that sound is!" She informed me.

Got it. LOL

As soon as Josh pulled up Rilyn yelled " I want my Dad to play in the rain with me!!"

Yes!!! I thought. Not me!!! :)

(He cant say no to those sweet girls)

 So yep, he grabbed Raigen and out in the rain they went! :)

Raigen quickly warmed up to the mud!  I think she stepped in every mud puddle in our yard... and that's a lot.

I guess she decided to head to the neighbors to tell them about all the fun she was having... lol

Her very 1st MUD PIE!
 This is a very monumental moment.

I think she had fun... what do ya think?

Next, after baths. My super genius of a child walked into the living room wearing her pool float. LOL

I think she may have been trying to tell me she wanted to go swimming?? LOL 

Rilyn's turn!

The End!