Monday, July 11, 2011

Josh's SURPRISE 25th birthday party!

The Invitation:

Lately I've been secretly planning my hubby's surprise birthday party. :)

I want to do something super special this year since he is turning the big 2-5! Yea!

And well you know what that means..... yep, our auto insurance is going DOWN! LOL

For fun, I wanted to throw him a kiddy themed party. :)

If you know Josh, well... you know that he IS a kid. LOL And you probably also know that he is obsessed wtih scuba diving.

So, the perfect theme was scuba diving. I also threw in sharks for fun!

Duna...duna...duna.....Josh's SURPRISE Scuba and Shark Birthday Party!: )

I wanted to add some fun games for the kiddos so I found this picture of a scuba diver online and I put a black circle on the face and I got my sometimes-awesome mother-n-law :) to print out little circles of Josh's face. So it was pin the head on Josh! LOL She printed them out on sticker paper so it worked out perfect and the kiddos had a blast! I also made all the kids goodie bags.

 My shark and scuba themed cake.
I used gray foam and cut a fin out. (I couldn't find a little shark or a scuba diver ANYWHERE) I took an army man and taped 2 bic pen tops to his back for his air tank then I painted him black.. that was the closest I could get to a scuba diver!lol 

I made mini banana puddings with a little beach scene on top. They were CUTE! I crushed up vanilla wafers for the sand and i dyed sugar blue for the water and added a life saver gummy and umbrella. 

Our live entertainment! This is one of Robins good friends Bonnie. She was AWESOME!!

The game.

 This is right when Josh came home and we surprised him. :)

I made some scuba themed signs and Robin printed them out for me. For fun she threw in the picture of Josh dressed like a playboy bunny from Halloween.

My shark watermelon I carved.  It turned out pretty cute but it was super HARD!  For the adults I served coconut spiked watermelon and margaritas! :)

Up close of my army man turned scuba diver. lol


One of my super stars :)
She was singing her little heart out... we have no idea what she sang but it was super cute!!

And this is how the birthday boy ended the night... I think he enjoyed his party, what do ya think? :)

Some of the highlights of the night included Josh and I's duet of "Picture" by Cheryl Crow and Kid Rock.. I'm sure that's floating around on Facebook and Rilyn's song to her Daddy. She sang a song he use to ALWAYS sing when he was little.
"My name is zoom and I live on the moon and I just came down to sing you this tune, hey Joshua! Its your birthday TODAY!"
It was A.DOR.A.BLE!!!
He didn't even know she knew it.. Lubby has been secretly teaching it to her.

Josh's sister sent me this lovely picture of Josh... check out his arm.:)