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A decorating job.... sort of!

If you know me you know I LOVE DECORATING! Omg, love it!
My dream is that one day  (when I grow up and when a million dollars) to open my own design business.. kind of like a design on a budget thing.
Anyway, a good friend of mine was so impressed with what I did with my girls rooms (it doesn't take much to impress her..hehe) that she wants me to come decorate her boys' rooms!.
I am STOKED! :)
We already have decided on a theme and I already have the whole design planned out!
I have ordered some items for the room so once the goodies arrive I will get started on the room, stay tuned!

Mud Pies & More!

Fun in the sun RAIN! Yesterday we got a good pour! In in honor of some much needed rain I let the girls play in it.  I know, shocking to some of you!  Roxie? Roxie Long? ...Let her girls play in the mud?..
YES! :)
Rilyn was super excited to get started on her mud pies. I think she has been secretly planning to make some for quite sometime. As soon as I put her swim suite on her she grabbed her measuring cups, a large spoon and a pan. lol

Raigen, on the other hand, wasn't too sure of the rain.

In the midst of the rain it started to thunder. Rilyn informed me that she heard "crumbles in the sky."
"What are crumbles?" I asked her.
"They are crumbles, you know, from heaven!" She said.
"What makes crumbles?" I asked her.
"I think God is eating cookies because you konw they have cookies in heaven.  And I think some of the crumbles from his cookies fell down and that is what that sound is!" She informed me.
Got it. LOL

As soon as Josh pulled up R…
Last night the girls played dolls on the couch before bed. It was sweet to see me girls playing together so well. Raigen loves playing with her big sis and Rilyn adors her little sister.
Why cant they stay this age forever???

Our Garden!

All the credit goes to Josh for this!
He is a gardening machine! :) He and Rilyn started with dirt and seeds and ended up with this!

Our okra and collard greens...

Our corn...

Our jalapenos...

Our tomato's....  although they arnt  looking too good right now we have gotten at least 10-12 tomatoes from this little baby.

We didn't anticipate our garden to do this good. Next year we plan to do a much bigger one now that we have the hang of things. :)
Rilyn LOVES our garden! She just wishes we had a little fence around it, she said. LOL

She said " Mom, take a picture of me and the cilantro!" lol It is actually basil.

Real women garden in heels! :)

Daddy watering the garden and Raigen playing in the water. In heels ofcourse!

I have to admit.. the whole garden thing... not my thing. I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with the HEAT and DIRT... who knows. A garden also requires a lot of attention which I don't care to give it either. I'd rather just wait unti…

Pictures from Josh's Fishing Trip


Josh's SURPRISE 25th birthday party!

The Invitation:

Lately I've been secretly planning my hubby's surprise birthday party. :)
I want to do something super special this year since he is turning the big 2-5! Yea!
And well you know what that means..... yep, our auto insurance is going DOWN! LOL
For fun, I wanted to throw him a kiddy themed party. :)
If you know Josh, well... you know that he IS a kid. LOL And you probably also know that he is obsessed wtih scuba diving.
So, the perfect theme was scuba diving. I also threw in sharks for fun!
Duna...duna...duna.....Josh's SURPRISE Scuba and Shark Birthday Party!: )

I wanted to add some fun games for the kiddos so I found this picture of a scuba diver online and I put a black circle on the face and I got my sometimes-awesome mother-n-law :) to print out little circles of Josh's face. So it was pin the head on Josh! LOL She printed them out on sticker paper so it worked out perfect and the kiddos had a blast! I also made all the kids goodie bags.

 My shark and scuba …