Friday, June 10, 2011


This morning was Rilyn's recital pictures.

After lots of bribing and picture taking we hit Wal-mart on our way home.

Somehow,  by mistake, I had promised her we'd make pudding pops tonight since she behaved so well at pictures.

"YAY!  I LOVE Walmart!" She said, enthusiastically as we walked in.

What I had planned to be a quick 5 minute  trip somewhere went terribly wrong.
Since we were only going in for pudding there was no need for a shopping cart. She refuses to ride in the them anyway. She always wants to walk like a big girl.
However, surprisingly, two seconds into our 'quick' trip her feet were hurting.

"Why didn't you get a buggy?" She asked.

"You know I always have to ride in a buggy!"

"Yes, only because I make you." I replied.

"Carry me mom.. please.. I don't feel like walking." she begged.

"Just walk." I instructed. "We are just running in for pudding."
Next her attention switched to wanting to buy EVERYTHING.

I know, you all are completely shocked, but its true.

"Can I have a barbie Mom!?" She begged.


"What about a new bike!"She offered.


We weren't even anywhere near the toy isle.

To my knowledge, Wal-mart no longer sells toys... at least that's what I tell my kids.
I've learned my lesson.

When we reached the pudding isle, I looked at a few pudding boxes trying to decide what flavor to get.
Did you know they have cookies and cream flavored pudding?.. Yum!

 Mean while, she opened 2..almost 3 boxes.

"Where is the pudding?" She asked, looking in the box and holding the little brown bag of mix.

I guess I should of informed her that we were getting INSTANT pudding mix.

At this point I think my blood pressure spiked. A lot.
And I swear steam was coming out of my ears.

FINALLY, we made it to THE check out.

Out of 20 check-outs.. wal-mart had 2 open.

Which is SO not like them, they usually have at least 4 open.

Have I ever told you that I love waiting in long lines?...
Even more so when my 3 year old has to pee and we are dead middle in a freakin long line.
Love it.

Anyway, 10 minutes later we finnaly reached the cashier.

"Hand me the pudding?" I told Rilyn.

She was carring it.

'Was' being the key word.

" I don't have it. I guess I dropped it." She replied shrugging her shoulders like it was no big deal. 
At this point I was already sweating profusely. not to mention the senior citizens next in line were huffing and puffing and giving me dirty looks.  

I didn't know what to do. Should I run back and get another box or just leave?...

I mean,  I didn't want to be rude and make everyone in line wait for me.

That's when I had a flash back. 
I cant count the times some old near-death wrinkled person has pulled out in front of me doing 10MPH in a 55 leaving Catfish King or, more famously, Escapees.

"Let me run and get another box real quick." I told the cashier.

She looked ecstatic.

Grabbing Rilyns hand we headed to the pudding isle, for the 2nd time, first stopping by the bathroom so she could pee.

After we finally checked out and made it to the car I realized I forgot to buy diapers for Raigen.
And we are completely out.
What a lovely start to my weekend...