Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trash to Treasure!

A few weekends ago I went garage sailing with my mother-n-law and some friends.

I L.O.V.E to go garage sailing. LOVE-IT!

Anyway... I like to think of myself a a semi-professional garage saler. I can spot a deal a mile away and I have no problem chewing them down.

Sometimes that's a good thing... sometimes its not.

Which brings me to this little story..

We pulled up to a commercial building in Onalaska that had a garage sale sign out front.
All it said was 'Garage Sale".

We went in.

It wasn't a very good garage sale. Most of the items were crap and looked like it had been donated. That should of been clue #1.

I also noticed that there were quite a bit of 'youth' aged kids there. That should of been clue #2.

Anyway, I spotted this little tikes bench that someone had completely vandalized.

Raigen's toy box in her room is over flowing and this bench is also toy box too, perfect! However, I knew it would take alot of work to get this looking cute.

" How much for the plastic bench?" I asked the girl.

"Five dollars." She told me.

"Would you go any lower?" I asked.

"Three dollars?" She offered.


Just as I paid her and was walking out the door she says..

" Thanks for supporting our youth group!"


Did I really just talk them down at a benefit garage sale?..

Had I known the $ was going to a youth group I would of gave them atleast $20 for it!
The next garage sale we stopped at was actually at a church. It was also supporting their youth group. I am pleased to say... there was no bargaining and I donated very generously to them which made me feel a little better.

Anyway, here is the little beauty after 2 coats of pink satin spray paint.