Friday, June 3, 2011

This crazy 3 year old of mine!

Yesterday I picked up one of Rilyn's gym buddies and took her with us to gymnastics.  While driving Rilyn asked her what her dad's name was.

"It's just dad." She casually replied.

"No, what is his REAL name?" Rilyn asked.

"We just call him dad." Addi said.

Finally Rilyn let it go and excepted that his name was just dad.

After we left gymnastics we dropped Addi off.

On the way home Rilyn asked.."What is Addi's last name?"

"?McGaha" I said.

"Oh, is that a bad word?" She asked.

" No." I said ...

I had no idea why she would think McGaha was a bad word.

"No, I mean the 'Gay' part.  Is that a bad word?" She asked again.

You see, Addi's last name is pronounced MA-GAY-HAY.

Makes perfect sense now...