Monday, June 20, 2011


Friday I asked Rilyn what she wanted to get her Dad for Father's Day.

She didn't even have to think about it.
This was her response.

"Maybe we could get Daddy to watch Raigen so you and me can build a rocket so me and him could go to space!" She said excitingly. 

"What about me?.." I asked. I mean. if I was going to help build the thing I wanted to go to space too!

"OK Mom, you can go too, but not Raigen because she is too little. Rockets don't even have car seats!" She said as-a-matter of factly.

"Ohhh..." I said. I didn't know that. I thought all space vehicles were equipped with car seats.

The next night Rilyn helped me put together Josh's gift.
We made him a basket of all his favorite things which included... sour candy, sun flower seeds, pineapple, a Tap-Out shirt, pumpkin seeds,  hot and spicy peanuts, trail mix and  a gift card.  He wanted some kind of socket -set thingy  at Lowes and instead of  me go try to figure it out, he got a gift card so he could get it himself.
I know, I'm so thoughtful.

The next morning Rilyn AND Raigen came strolling into the kitchen just as I was finishing up breakfast.

"Go take Daddy his basket." I said.

Josh, still sound asleep, awoke to 2 little girls breathing in his face.  They had climbed in bed and were millimeters away from his face yelling "Happy Father's Day!"

After they gave him lots of hugs and sugars and told him Happy Father's Day.

Rilyn asked..."Now what are you going to get me for Kid's Day?

Later that evening my parent, brother, and sister came over for dinner.  My brother thought it would be fun to spray my Dad with silly string. So my brother and Josh both armed with silly string attacked my Dad on the front porch.. along with Rilyn AND Raigen.

Raigen wanted to eat it and Rilyn was not so excited.

Actually she was not excited at all. She was mad.

 "You are ruining Father's Day!!!" She yelled at them.