Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Here recently Rilyn has acquired a major obsession with baseball.

I have no idea why or how. We haven't taken her to any games and she doesn't even own a baseball or bat. That has not stopped her though. She wants to learn how to play baseball.

After gathering her plastic egg from her kitchen and her guitar she was ready to play.

I'm not kidding.

Finally after a few days of playing baseball with the plastic egg and guitar I thought it was time to move her up to a real ball and bat. 

Yesterday I brought her home her new baseball and bat.


Luckily she only struck out 450 times.  She did however manage to actually hit 4 balls. YAY! My baby is gonna be a softball star!

She had a blast. She, for some reason, really loves baseball. Everything she ate for dinner last night she'd say.. "Mom, this is gonna give me SO much energy to play baseball!!"

After the endless hours of fun we had last night I seriously thought about accidentally misplacing the ball and bat. 

Especially since all she wanted to do is play baseball in the HOUSE!

So while she was in the bath I located the suspect. It was sitting right there on our couch just screaming "Hide me!!"

I just couldn't though.

All I could picture was how her eyes lit up when I showed it to her and  I just couldn't do it.

I guess I can handle a few more endless nights of 'baseball fun'.