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Trash to Treasure!

A few weekends ago I went garage sailing with my mother-n-law and some friends.
I L.O.V.E to go garage sailing. LOVE-IT!
Anyway... I like to think of myself a a semi-professional garage saler. I can spot a deal a mile away and I have no problem chewing them down.
Sometimes that's a good thing... sometimes its not.
Which brings me to this little story..
We pulled up to a commercial building in Onalaska that had a garage sale sign out front. All it said was 'Garage Sale".
We went in.
It wasn't a very good garage sale. Most of the items were crap and looked like it had been donated. That should of been clue #1.
I also noticed that there were quite a bit of 'youth' aged kids there. That should of been clue #2.
Anyway, I spotted this little tikes bench that someone had completely vandalized.
Raigen's toy box in her room is over flowing and this bench is also toy box too, perfect! However, I knew it would take alot of work to get this looking cute.
" How much fo…

The fishing trip...

For Josh's birthday this year his mom is sending him deep sea fishing with his Dad and a few of their friends.
Today she told Josh the news.
He was super excited so he called me at work to tell me the good news.
"Guess what?..Mom just told me about my fishing trip!" he said happily.
I already knew.
"Did you know about it?" he asked.
"Yes, I knew." I replied.  I was busy at work so I tried to sound half interested and excited for him.
"Are you going to miss me?" He asked.
 I could be wrong but I assumed this was just a day trip.
"Yes." I replied
"How long are you going to be gone?" I asked.
"Well.. she said its like a 12 hour thing."
12 hours with out Josh?
How will I manage? :)

Rilyn & Raigen: SUMMER PICTURES 2011

I haven't really taken much pictures of the girls lately because we have been so busy! Since today is such a pretty day the girls played outside and I managed to get them to take a couple cute pictures for me.

Raigen, as you probably know, is a handful like most 18 month olds.  So getting even 1 decent picture of her was HARD! Heck, no wonder I don't take pictures of her. She never sits still or she just does goofy stuff like this...

Oh, how I ♥  my goofy girls!!


Here recently Rilyn has acquired a major obsession with baseball.
I have no idea why or how. We haven't taken her to any games and she doesn't even own a baseball or bat. That has not stopped her though. She wants to learn how to play baseball.
After gathering her plastic egg from her kitchen and her guitar she was ready to play.
I'm not kidding.
Finally after a few days of playing baseball with the plastic egg and guitar I thought it was time to move her up to a real ball and bat. 
Yesterday I brought her home her new baseball and bat.
Luckily she only struck out 450 times.  She did however manage to actually hit 4 balls. YAY! My baby is gonna be a softball star!
She had a blast. She, for some reason, really loves baseball. Everything she ate for dinner last night she'd say.. "Mom, this is gonna give me SO much energy to play baseball!!"
After the endless hours of fun we had last night I seriously thought about accidentally misplaci…


Friday I asked Rilyn what she wanted to get her Dad for Father's Day.
She didn't even have to think about it. This was her response.
"Maybe we could get Daddy to watch Raigen so you and me can build a rocket so me and him could go to space!" She said excitingly. 
"What about me?.." I asked. I mean. if I was going to help build the thing I wanted to go to space too!
"OK Mom, you can go too, but not Raigen because she is too little. Rockets don't even have car seats!" She said as-a-matter of factly.
"Ohhh..." I said. I didn't know that. I thought all space vehicles were equipped with car seats.
The next night Rilyn helped me put together Josh's gift. We made him a basket of all his favorite things which included... sour candy, sun flower seeds, pineapple, a Tap-Out shirt, pumpkin seeds,  hot and spicy peanuts, trail mix and  a gift card.  He wanted some kind of socket -set thingy  at Lowes and instead of  me go try to figure it ou…

Cute Father's Day Idea..

This year I was stumped and had no idea what to get Josh and I's dads.
I did, however, think of this cute idea that the girls helped me put together from them. (OK, they didn't really help. Not unless you count crying because they couldn't eat the candy!)
I bought a basket at Dollar Tree AND the black letters at Dollar Tree  and decorated the baskets to say 'Best POP' Since Rilyn calls them either Papoo or Pop-pop.
I then filled the baskets with pop rocks, blow pops, pop corn, ring pops, freezer pops, and pop tarts. The only thing missing was Soda Pop! :)
I also added their real gifts, gift cards! :)


Every year I usually spend between $10-$15 on eBay paying someone for custom invitations.
I'm an idiot.
Invitations are not that hard to make. It only took me a couple of hours to design these invitations for Rilyn and Raigen's JOINT birthday.

Yes, I have decided to try to do their party together this year. (While they are young and don't care.:) I decided this mainly because we have planned on getting them a new swing set for their birthdays and otherwise it would of been a little hard since their birthdays are 2 months apart.
Rilyn LOVES to play candyland and well... Raigen just loves candy. :) So, the perfect theme is ...CANDYLAND!
I already have TONS of cute ideas for decorations which include a giant candyland board in our yard for the kids to play, I cant wait!

Rilyn's Gymnatic Recital!

This was Rilyn's 1st ever recital and she did amazing!
I am so proud of my big girl!


This morning was Rilyn's recital pictures.
After lots of bribing and picture taking we hit Wal-mart on our way home.
Somehow,  by mistake, I had promised her we'd make pudding pops tonight since she behaved so well at pictures.
"YAY!  I LOVE Walmart!" She said, enthusiastically as we walked in.
What I had planned to be a quick 5 minute  trip somewhere went terribly wrong. Since we were only going in for pudding there was no need for a shopping cart. She refuses to ride in the them anyway. She always wants to walk like a big girl. However, surprisingly, two seconds into our 'quick' trip her feet were hurting.
"Why didn't you get a buggy?" She asked.
"You know I always have to ride in a buggy!"
"Yes, only because I make you." I replied.
"Carry me mom.. please.. I don't feel like walking." she begged.
"Just walk." I instructed. "We are just running in for pudding." Next her attention switched to wanti…

Crazy kids...

Yesterday my mom took Rilyn to watch Raigen at gymnastics.
Raigen was WILD, as usual.:)
Later that afternoon Rilyn was telling Josh about it.
"Raigen was so crazy!" She told her dad.
"You use to be a crazy baby too when you first started gymnastics." he told her.
"Yea, but I'm in the big girl class now.. " she said. 
"But you are still my baby." he said.
She replied.."and I'm still crazy too!!"
At least she admits it...

Raigen's 1st day of GYMNASTICS!

OK, so it is technically her 2nd day.
Her horrible mom forgot her camera and so she didn't take any pictures on her real 1st day.
My BABY is getting so big!
Here are some pictures of her in her leotard before gym! Enjoy..

 Just for fun.. here is a picture of Rilyn in the same leotard from 2009. She was about 18 months old too.
Its official... my kids look NOTHING alike!

The Hen Party...

This weekend I attended The Hen Party.
There with me... my mother-n-law.
I know.. enough said, right? :)

The party was a BLAST! We played games and had a great time!
Included in the fun : J├Ągerbombs with my mother-n-law.
Now,  I hate J├Ągerbombs. I almost threw up just drinking one.
She, on the other hand, let none go to waste!
And this old lady don't even drink!! Well.....she didn't anyway.
Oh boy, how did I ever let it go that far...

A gift for Rilyn's coach!

Rilyn's gymnastic coach is graduating this weekend and I thought it would be a great idea to get her a little something special since Rilyn LOVES her!
I had a hard time trying to figure out what to get a coach... so finally I decided to design  her a personalized T shirt.
Yesterday the girls gave Coach Pam her surprise and she loved it!
FRONT OF THE SHIRT:  BACK: Tumblemonkeys are the 3 year old age group.. and well .. if you can put up with these wild animals surely NOTHING can scare you! LOL
I think it turned out pretty cute!!

This crazy 3 year old of mine!

Yesterday I picked up one of Rilyn's gym buddies and took her with us to gymnastics.  While driving Rilyn asked her what her dad's name was.
"It's just dad." She casually replied.
"No, what is his REAL name?" Rilyn asked.
"We just call him dad." Addi said.
Finally Rilyn let it go and excepted that his name was just dad.
After we left gymnastics we dropped Addi off.
On the way home Rilyn asked.."What is Addi's last name?"
"?McGaha" I said.
"Oh, is that a bad word?" She asked.
" No." I said ...

I had no idea why she would think McGaha was a bad word.
"No, I mean the 'Gay' part.  Is that a bad word?" She asked again.

You see, Addi's last name is pronounced MA-GAY-HAY.

Makes perfect sense now... LOL

Incredible Pizza!

Friday night we treated the girls to Incredible Pizza. We all had a blast!

An interview with Rilyn...

Dear Rilyn,
You are now 3 1/2 years old and growing so fast! So, I thought we do a little interview... enjoy.
Q: What is your favorite thing to do? A: Play with Daddy What missy!!? DADDY?
Q: What is your favorite color? A: Pink
Q:What is your favorite food: A: Popcorn
Q: What is your favorite animal? A: Gorilla What? Gorilla?..I didn't see that one coming!
Q: What is your favorite place to eat? A: Chinese OK, I think she was totally trying to be a smarty pants because we NEVER eat Chinese!! LOL
Q: What is your favorite toy? A:  My legos
Q: What do you want to be when you get bigger? A:  A SPCA doctor for animals She is obsessed with the SPCA and Animal Cops!LOL
Q: What makes mommy happy? A: Sugars and hugs! ♥ Q: How does mommy make you laugh? A: Tell me funny jokes
Q: What did mommy do when she was little? A: Poop in her pants! Hahahaha..
Q: How old is your mommy? A: 24
Q: How tall is Mommy? A: um, like 50 inches.....Are you mommy?
Q What is mommy really good at? A: Driving
Q: What do you and mommy do together? A…

Bath Time

Last night  we gave the girls a bath together.
Raigen was done first so I took her to get dressed and Josh stayed with Rilyn.
After she was dried and dressed I let her go play.
I didn't think twice about the bathroom door being open because Josh was in there with Rilyn... or so I thought.  
I went into the living room, Raigen went into the bathroom, Josh was apparently somewhere trying to locate a towel.... and all we could hear was giggling!!
Raigen had dived  into the bathtub  FULLY DRESSED!
Oh how I wish my camera wasn't DEAD!!
We did get it on video though...:D