Monday, May 16, 2011

The Snake

Sunday we went over to my parents for dinner. It was my sister's birthday so my mom cooked gumbo and made a birthday cake.  It was BEAUTIFUL weather so we all sat on the front porch and Rilyn played out in the yard.

A few minutes later she came running up.

"Oh my gosh! I just saw a snake!" She said in her best valley girl voice.

She told my Dad exactly where it was and he, cautiously, walked their entire yard in search of the snake.

While he was looking for the snake she was yelling and pointing "over there Papoo, keep going...." directing him to exactly where she saw it.

However, he never found the snake.

He walked back to the porch and she asked,

"Papoo, did find the snake?"
"Nope, I couldn't find it." He said.

" That's because it was pretend!" She announced smiling.