Thursday, May 12, 2011

Raigen-17 months UPDATE!

Someone has learned to smile on cue and I love it! :)

I cant believe she is already 17 months old!!!!

She loves to give kisses! She makes the 'muah' sound and everything. :) She loves her big sis! If she wakes up and doesnt see Rilyn she'll say "Wheres sissy?" She also loves to hit. We are trying to break her of it. She has become a little bully, but a cute one.:) When she hits her sister and we get on to her she'll reach over and give Rilyn a big kiss. So at least she knows how to be sweet. LOL
She loves to dance AND sing! She'll walk around the house mumbling a song...and all we will get out of it is "Meeska mooska.." lol Its the cutest thing! She constantly asks "Whats that?" I mean She will ask you 'whats that' about the same thing like 50 times in a row. No joke. When she does it to Rilyn, Rilyn will say "UGH! I already told ya!" LOL Her answer to EVERYTHING is no. And if you ask her why, she'll say "cuz.. "She has also starting telling us "I peepee." She even lifts up her dress and grabs her diaper when she says it. Its usually right after I put a clean diaper on her or right after she goes numero dos.  So I guess its time to break out the ole potty chair!   She also LOVES to go outside she is constantly pointing at the door saying "side!"

My BABY is getting SO big! Next month she will be 18 months old and she gets to start the diaper monkey class at gymnastics! :)