Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our trip to the ER

Last night Rilyn was playing in the living room. She was roughhousing and fell. When she fell, she said she hurt her arm. She wasn't hysterical at this time so I just assumed that she landed wrong or something and it was sore. 

She sat on the couch for a couple of minutes and wouldn't move her right arm.  I asked her to let me look at it. Every time I barely touched it she screamed! I had a feeling it just wasn't sore and that it was really hurt.

I then asked her if she wanted to go take a bubble bath and I told her we would even get ALL of her barbies and let her  play with them in the bath too.  She said "OK!!"

But then when I tried to lift her arm up to take her shirt off she screamed.

I told Josh to carry her to the car because we were taking her to the hospital.

It was 8:55 when we got to Urgent Doc and they closed at 9. Thankfully they took her right back.

After looking at her they decided to do X-rays.  This was Rilyn's favorite part. They told her it was a magical camera that was going to take pictures of her bones which excited her because we had just went to Moody Gardens and seen the exhibit that shows the skeletons.  Every time they would take an X-ray she would put on a BIG smile like she was getting her pictures taken.

I was so proud of my big girl.

THANKFULLY it wasn't broken.

Her elbow however was out of socket and the Doctor had to pop it back in.  It was so painful for my princess but as soon as it popped back the pain instantly went away.

Everyone was so nice and she got tons of stickers.

However, I think Josh and I  were slightly traumatized from the whole event. Its a scary thing when your baby gets hurt.  I hope we never EVER have to make a trip to the ER again.