Friday, May 27, 2011

Today I receive a pretty irresistible offer via email.

Teacher Training:     Roxie, need job security? Try a career in Teaching!

Wow!  Job security! Where do I sign  up?

And I thought teachers all over the state were getting laid off due to budget cuts...


Digital Publishing Corp. people... I think you might need to do some cleaning in your advertising department, just saying.

"How does the baby get in your belly?"

Yes, that was the question Rilyn asked.

And no, I didn't have an answer.

I wasn't prepared to answer this question.

Honestly I didn't think I'd be put on the spot for a few more years. AND it probably didn't help that I let her watch Teen Mom with me last night.

After Teen Mom Rilyn asked me "How does the baby get in your belly.."

She is at that age where you can B/S your way thru things anymore. She is a smarty pants.

I thought for a second and said.."Babies are a gift from God. When you grow up and get married God plants a baby in your belly."

Then I thought for another second.

Oh great, now she is going to go to church telling her teacher that God put a baby in her mom's belly...
Bad idea.

(No! I am NOT pregnant...I was referring to when I was pregnant with Raigen!!!)

So I quickly changed my answer.
I told her " When you grow up and get married the doctor takes the baby from the Daddy and puts in the Mommy's belly and it grows."

And that's what I'm sticking to!

 I didn't want to tell her the Daddy puts the baby in the Mommy... well, because I know her next question would of been "how?"

And we DEFINITELY are not ready to answer that question yet.  Maybe in another 20 years.

Note to self: No more Teen Mom!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rilyn's 3rd Mini meet...

Yesterday ALL the tumble monkeys competed in a mini meet together.

This was a lot of little monkeys!

Rilyn did extremely well and her score was only 2 points from being in the top 3.

Josh and I told her how awesome she did and that we were so proud of her but she immediately started crying because she didn't get a medal this time.

We loaded her in the car and she was still sobbing.

"My Dad told me only certain people got a medal.... I guess I'm not a certain people am I Mom?"

My poor baby was heartbroken!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


She is absolutely the BEST big sister in the world!
She wants to be a doctor when she grows up and an animal rescuer too.
She is the most well behaved 3 year old in this universe. No joke.
She has the biggest heart and is the sweetest little girl.
She knows all of her numbers in English and Spanish, her letters, she is starting to read AND she can even write her name! 
She loves to pretend play.
She loves gymnastics.
She loves 'church school'.
She loves to sing.
And she loves her family.


Love you Ribear!

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's that time of the year again!

This year BOTH my girls are old enough to really enjoy swimming!

Saturday we joined a friend of mine swimming and we had a blast...UNTIL I dropped my camera in the pool! 
 Thank goodness it didn't ruin my memory card though!

Our GOOFY Girl!

First of all I would like to say that my child's hair doesnt normally look this CRAZY! She had it in a pony tail earlier that day.


I love this goofy girl!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Isn't she the cutest?

I was awaken this morning to my chatter box on the monitor. She always wakes up so happy and I love it!
My favorite thing to do is to go get her when she wakes up in the mornings. She gives tons of kisses and hugs and talks NON-STOP.

This morning my Raigie decided to get up at about 7ish so I just put her in bed with her Daddy and turned on some cartoons so I could go make some breakfast.
It was so cute, when I sat her in bed she crawled right up on my pillow, pulled the covers over her, and laid back and put her hand behind her head.

AND to top off the cuteness when  I went to take her picture a she smiled!

Yep, its time for some cartoons!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Snake

Sunday we went over to my parents for dinner. It was my sister's birthday so my mom cooked gumbo and made a birthday cake.  It was BEAUTIFUL weather so we all sat on the front porch and Rilyn played out in the yard.

A few minutes later she came running up.

"Oh my gosh! I just saw a snake!" She said in her best valley girl voice.

She told my Dad exactly where it was and he, cautiously, walked their entire yard in search of the snake.

While he was looking for the snake she was yelling and pointing "over there Papoo, keep going...." directing him to exactly where she saw it.

However, he never found the snake.

He walked back to the porch and she asked,

"Papoo, did find the snake?"
"Nope, I couldn't find it." He said.

" That's because it was pretend!" She announced smiling.


Rilyn's 1st time to fish!

Sunday afternoon Josh took Rilyn and they joined Papoo and Uncle Troy out on the boat!

This was Rilyns 1st time out on the boat and her 1st time fishing and she LOVED IT!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rilyn and her gymnastic buddies!

Raigen-17 months UPDATE!

Someone has learned to smile on cue and I love it! :)

I cant believe she is already 17 months old!!!!

She loves to give kisses! She makes the 'muah' sound and everything. :) She loves her big sis! If she wakes up and doesnt see Rilyn she'll say "Wheres sissy?" She also loves to hit. We are trying to break her of it. She has become a little bully, but a cute one.:) When she hits her sister and we get on to her she'll reach over and give Rilyn a big kiss. So at least she knows how to be sweet. LOL
She loves to dance AND sing! She'll walk around the house mumbling a song...and all we will get out of it is "Meeska mooska.." lol Its the cutest thing! She constantly asks "Whats that?" I mean She will ask you 'whats that' about the same thing like 50 times in a row. No joke. When she does it to Rilyn, Rilyn will say "UGH! I already told ya!" LOL Her answer to EVERYTHING is no. And if you ask her why, she'll say "cuz.. "She has also starting telling us "I peepee." She even lifts up her dress and grabs her diaper when she says it. Its usually right after I put a clean diaper on her or right after she goes numero dos.  So I guess its time to break out the ole potty chair!   She also LOVES to go outside she is constantly pointing at the door saying "side!"

My BABY is getting SO big! Next month she will be 18 months old and she gets to start the diaper monkey class at gymnastics! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Rock On!"

This one caught us by complete surprise.

The other night while taking a bath Rilyn held up her middle finger and asked
"Dad, is this how you say 'rock on'?"

I could see where she might get confused so we explained to her that this is how you say 'rock on'.

I'm just praying that we are the only ones she has said 'rock on' too.

Monday, May 9, 2011

1 Mad Meal please...

Sunday before church we were running super late so we stopped at McDonalds and picked up some sausage biscuits for breakfast.

"Can I please have my toy?" Rilyn asked.

Because, duh, who eats at McDonald's with out a toy?

"You didn't get a toy." Josh explained.

"We didn't get you a happy meal."

She replied..."What'd you get me... a mad meal?"

Sometimes I just dont know what to do with this kid! :)

Super Savings #2!

ALL of this =FREE!

Yes, 10 more bottles of Nivea body wash, FREE!

They were on sale for $3 and I had (10) $3 off coupons! :)

AND I got this shirt at JCPenney for FREE!
It was 14.99 and I had a coupon for $15 off a purchase of $15 or more. :)


My Mother's day week...

My mother's day WEEK, as Josh would put it, had a rough start.

Last week a lady came into my office and asked if I was having ANOTHER baby.

I, kindly, told her no.

I am fat  so I could see where she would be mistaken.  Although, that wasn't it.

"Oh,  well you know when some women get pregnant and their nose gets big?" She asked me.

"I thought you may be expecting." She said.

Now. I may be fat.

My hair my be too poofy.

And I may where too much make up.

BUT  my nose is NOT big!

AND if it were  my brutally honest 3 year old would surely point it out for me!

Which brings me to my next story...

The other night I was sitting on the couch watching TV.

Rilyn walked over to me, looked at my stomach and asked " Mommy, are you pretending you are pregnant again?"

Now, I knew EXACTLY where this was going...

Happy Mother's day to big ole' me! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super Savings #1!

Here recently both of my sister-in-laws and my mother-n-law have really gotten into couponing.

Like serious couponing.

They get tons of stuff FREE.

They probably have enough bath soap, razors, and toothpaste to open a small store.

And while I do thoroughly enjoy making fun of my mother-n-law who, by the way, even has a coupon binder its kind of hard not to be jealous of all their free-bees.

So hey.. why no join them.

I'm nowhere near as good as they are but the other day I did score my 1st ever completely free purchase! I was ecstatic.

I think it got me sort of high. lol

And it didn't help that the cashier gave me a high five me and said "Oh my gosh, you are like that lady on Tv.!"

Yep.. my ego pretty much went through the roof.:)
Here's what I got (its not much..don't laugh!!):

5 bottles of Nivea body wash=FREE!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our trip to the ER

Last night Rilyn was playing in the living room. She was roughhousing and fell. When she fell, she said she hurt her arm. She wasn't hysterical at this time so I just assumed that she landed wrong or something and it was sore. 

She sat on the couch for a couple of minutes and wouldn't move her right arm.  I asked her to let me look at it. Every time I barely touched it she screamed! I had a feeling it just wasn't sore and that it was really hurt.

I then asked her if she wanted to go take a bubble bath and I told her we would even get ALL of her barbies and let her  play with them in the bath too.  She said "OK!!"

But then when I tried to lift her arm up to take her shirt off she screamed.

I told Josh to carry her to the car because we were taking her to the hospital.

It was 8:55 when we got to Urgent Doc and they closed at 9. Thankfully they took her right back.

After looking at her they decided to do X-rays.  This was Rilyn's favorite part. They told her it was a magical camera that was going to take pictures of her bones which excited her because we had just went to Moody Gardens and seen the exhibit that shows the skeletons.  Every time they would take an X-ray she would put on a BIG smile like she was getting her pictures taken.

I was so proud of my big girl.

THANKFULLY it wasn't broken.

Her elbow however was out of socket and the Doctor had to pop it back in.  It was so painful for my princess but as soon as it popped back the pain instantly went away.

Everyone was so nice and she got tons of stickers.

However, I think Josh and I  were slightly traumatized from the whole event. Its a scary thing when your baby gets hurt.  I hope we never EVER have to make a trip to the ER again.