Monday, April 11, 2011

More changes!

For my birthday WE, meaning josh,  got a new flat screen TV. When we had our old TV this armoire (which I LOVE) housed our old box TV. When we ordered the new flat screen we knew it wouldn't fit in here. :(

.Since the armoire matched the rest of my living room furniture I didn't want to get rid of it so I decided to cut ti in half and set the new TV on top rather than mounting it to the wall.

I love it!


I still had the top of the armoire to decide what to do with. I didn't wan to just throw it away because I loved the shape and I knew I could figure something out to do with it.

So my dad cut it in down for me again and took the doors off and I painted it and put it on my kitchen counter where I didn't have any top cabinets and it looks awesome!! With the cabinets on the bottom and this on the top it looks like a built in hutch!

I also went crazy with my Dad's sander and distressed all my cabinets and rubbed them down with stain to make them look old and worn.

I am so in LOVE with these cabinets now!!