Friday, March 11, 2011

Super kids week #2

This week was super kids week at Rilyn's gym. That meant that a parent was invited to participate with  their child.  The last super kids week I was the parent out there busting my behind and breaking a sweat with Rilyn.

It was Josh's turn. :)

Honestly I didn't think he'd go out there with her, so I used what always works with Rilyn.

Reverse psychology.

"I need you to watch Raigen so I can go out there with Rilyn today, its super kids week." I said.

"I wanna go out there with her this time." He announced.

"Okay..." I said in defeat....darn it.

Super kids week is the only week we are allowed to take pictures during class. And who forgot their camera.


However, the images of Josh out there with Rilyn will stay with me forever. They were priceless.

To see Josh out there down on one knee singing "Ride a horsey, ride a horsey go to town... "  with his hands grasped to his pretend reigns was freakin' hilarious.

I laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

When it was over I asked Rilyn.."Did you and Daddy have fun out there today?"...

"Yea, but my Dad kept doing this..." she said and she began panting like a puppy dog.

I laughed and Josh denied it.

"Oh yes you were  Dad!" She argued.

Poor Josh. :)

Its harder than it looks out there.

To avoid my turn next super kids week I think I will pretend its  'grandparents day' and con my mom or Lubby into going :)

Hopefully I wont forget my camera, it should be REALLY good!