Monday, March 21, 2011

The Satellite Tv Guy

This weekend we switched satellite TV companies.

The installer showed up at 9 am and we were all still in bed.

Rilyn got up and wanted to go check out what was going on so I told her to get dressed.

I expected her to pull out something hideous that didn't match.

When she came into my room and asked me to please put in her hair bow I noticed that she matched perfectly. That's  because she put on the same exact clothes she wore the night before at the circus!

Anyway, she was dressed so I let her on her way. She was determined to check out what the satellite guy was doing.

She walked out onto the porch and said.."that sure is a cool truck he gots, but why is he black?"..

I explained to her that he was black because that is how God made him and that she shouldn't talk about peoples color. She then told me she wished God had made her black or pink because those are her favorite colors.

When he began to install the dish there she was leaning over the rail of the porch giving him an ear full.

When I stepped out to check on her I heard her telling him that she went to the circus but she was too scared to get her face painted and that she is waiting till she gets older, like 5 or something. She also told him that she couldn't wait till he was done so she could watch TV outside.

I don't think she realized he was putting the dish outside so we could watch TV inside.

I bribed her inside with some breakfast and next he brought the boxes inside to be installed.  They were like children magnets!

Thankfully they didn't break anything.

They were like little shadows following him around into every room.

Therefore it probably took him double the time to do everything since he had to chase down all of his equipment that kept walking off!

We felt bad, so we bought him lunch.