Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Recital Practice

Rilyn has a recital coming up in June. The past few weeks she has been learning her routine and even though she has practice every week we still have to practice it at home too.
  In one part of her routine she has to jump and pull her self up on to a bar.
Like this...

She has had trouble with this part.

She can do it, it just takes a few jumps.

When we practice her routine at home we have no way to practice this part.
Which is the hardest part for her.

While practicing her routine the other night I  noticed that the playpen is just the right height for her to practice this part. She can jump and pull herself up on the side.

 So we pretended like the side of the playpen was her bar and we practiced it over and over again.

Later that evening she ran up to me and said excitedly, "Mom, I figured how to jump up there so super easy!"

"How?" I asked.

"My stool!"