Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Bra Rescue Center!

I like to think that the town I live in is small and that we do not have weirdos here.

I was wrong.

While checking out our local news website I stumbled across something..... interesting.

A local pharmacy was robbed. Which wasn't surprising since it is a small wood building that closely resembles the rabbit house Josh built last year. But what was surprising was what the police found while canvasing the woods near the pharmacy.

A trail of bras hanging in trees which led to a large campsite full of women's clothes where a elderly man  has been living for 3 years.

 What was even stranger is that they arrested him in suspicion that he was the one that robbed the pharmacy.

(Pictures from www.polkcountytoday.com)

Now, unless that pharmacy was filled with women's clothes or more specifically bras,  I was pretty sure the police had the wrong guy. And I  for one know what I'm talking about, Ive seen every episode of Law and Order.

Anyway, it was clear that this man (who, BTW, was later released) was not interested in drugs of any kind.

 He clearly was running a top of the line Bra Rescue Center.

See the story and pictures here.