Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our bathroom scale

4 weeks ago I started a diet.  For a week I unwaveringly stuck to it.  I brought my scale to work and kept it up here because all the other girls wanted to use it too. After 3 long days on my diet I wanted to weigh my self because I just knew I had lost some weight.

I weighed myself and I had lost 6 lbs! WOW! That was great, I was ecstatic.

Upon sharing my great news with my coworkers I was quickly informed that my scale was broke.

In denial, I weighed myself again.

Surprisingly in the 2 minutes it had been since I last weighed myself I had lost another 4 lbs.

Oddly, my coworkers were no longer using my scale so I took it home.

Today at lunch Josh informed  me that he weighed and he has lost 8lbs in 3 days AND he even ate Burger King this weekend.