Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ice Cream for dinner...

The other night after dinner I fixed Josh and I each a bowl of  ice cream.

Rilyn's eyes lit up! " I want some!" She yelled. 

However she hadn't yet touched her dinner.

"When you eat your dinner then you can have some ice cream." I told her. 

You would of thought I had given her some kind of horrible punishment. 

She sat at the kitchen table with her arms crossed.  "I am not hungry." She hissed.

"OK." I said. "When you get hungry you can eat your dinner then you can have some ice cream."

"But I'm not hungry for this ... I want ice cream for dinner." She wined.

I then explained to her, again, that she can have ice cream AFTER dinner. 

Amazingly she gave in and took at bite. With her mouth still full she came into the living room...."Mom, is this good?...Can I have some ice cream now?.." She mumbled.

"No. Go eat ." I told her.

2 minutes later she came back into the living room... with her mouth again full she asked again if she could have some ice cream now.  I sent her right back to the kitchen and told her that 2 bites was not enough.

This continued and continued.

 On her 5th trip to the living room to check and see if she had ate enough Josh said.."You better not be asking your mom if you can have some ice cream!" 

"I'm not. " She told him. 

"Hey mom, um....about what time can I have some ice cream?"


This kid is too darn smart.