Monday, March 14, 2011

Bitter sweet news

Lizzy is gone.

We believe she was stolen. 

Which means that she will probably be brought back any day. Ya know, once she destroys their yard and everything in it.

Last week after we noticed Lizzy was gone we knew it was safe to do some much needed yard work.

It seemed like forever since our yard has looked this good! I really think we could win the yard of the month contest, if we had one. Heck, I was so thrilled about it I thought about just making my own sign and staking it right out front! :)

Rilyn is sad.
 She is such an animal person.

So, anyway, you can probably guess what I am about to say..... yes we have already gotten Rilyn a new dog.

Yes we are crazy.

BUT this time I had some strict guidelines upon picking out this one.

#1 No labs!
#2 A small inside dog only.
#3 She must be house broken.

And we have found the PERFECT dog.

She is a miniature pinscher. She is housebroken AND great with kids!

Now, we have one dilemma.... her name.

Rilyn insists on calling her Cinderella. I really do not want a dog named Cinderella, but she has insisted on it for 2 days now so I guess its Cinderella!