Thursday, March 3, 2011

The amazing never-ending concert...

I love that my girls have a daddy as goofy and fun as they are. I think his AND their favorite part of the day is when he gets on the floor to wrestle with them or to give HUNDREDS of rides. :) It is usually while Im cooking dinner, so Im safe. :)

Poor Josh, he is a hard working man....

Afterwards Rilyn put on an amazing concert that seriously, lasted at least an hour.
 Everything she sang was original and was about Raigen.

We ALL had to sit in there and watch her and we wernt even allowed potty breaks!

 Dinner nearly burned so I ran to the kitchen to check it and I got in trouble.

 Raigen, however, didn't seemed impressed with her sister's star quality as she quickly dashed to the entertainment center to turn on the stereo. 

"No Raigie! I am singing!" Rilyn cried.

 At the end of the concert she jerked over holding her stomach.
"Whats wrong?" Josh asked.

"I'm bowing DAD!" She hissed.

Raigen found it hilarious that daddy was sticking his head in the car. :)
So cute! :)