Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome home!

I just received my new electric bill.

As-if being welcomed home from vacation by 2 darling children  who ran fever and coughed all night wasn't enough I received our electric bill in the mail.

I was ecstatic.

It seems Sam Houston Electric Coop. has volunteered to take my last month bill and triple it for this month.

Surprisingly, Josh wasn't as thrilled about it as I was.

Upon receiving the good news we celebrated by cutting off everything thing in our home that used electricity  and Josh, the girls, and I sat at home in the dark for 3 hours. 

I was verging on taking my scissors and cutting the (bleeping) wires that run from the light pole to my house...

BUT something was telling me that wasn't a good idea.

Hopefully they got my point, because that was all I could take with 2 rambunctious kids and a griping husband.