Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Sunday afternoon project: The Girls New Kitchen!

Even though we are not completely finished yet I've decided to post some pictures. The girls  each have their own plastic kitchens in their rooms. Which is perfect for Raigen, but Rilyn is ready for bigger and better things. :)
I found this idea on line and though it would look perfect on my front porch for the girls!

Ever wonder what to do with that old TV Entertainment Center??..

Here is the before, I almost forgot to take a picture!
(The entertainment center was FREE from a coworker.)

Here is the after!  :)

The refrigerator.
We still need to pick up the magnetic pieces to make the doors stay shut.

The stove. 
 I bought a long kitchen handle at Lowe's and painted it white and hung it like the stove handle.

The sink.
 We cleaned up and used the dogs water bowl for this and we used an old bathroom faucet from a previous bathroom remodel. I bought the mirror at Dollar Tree and painted the frame white for the window.  I hung a small shelf under the window. I also picked up all the hooks and the plant at Dollar Tree too.
Where the shelf and drawer  was in the middle. I took the drawer out and  bought some fabric and made a curtain for it and hung it with a tension rod. I also made a mini curtain for the window.

The only thing missing on this part is the stove top.We were up until 9:45 working on this last night and just didn't have it in us to finish it. We are going to finish it today and Ill post more pictures.
I bought the skillet at Dollar Tree along with the cooking utensils.

I think it turned out cute! And Rilyn LOVES it!