Thursday, February 10, 2011

The new pet.

Last night while discussing what we were going to do with the animals because it was going to freeze. The subject of the rabbit came up and Rilyn suddenly remembered her rabbit had 'ran away'.

She was immediately heartbroken.....

Raigen still had her rabbit and she didn't have one.

 I told her that she and Raigen could just share the rabbit, but she wasn't having that.

"Can I get a new pet?.." she asked joyfully.

"Well... how about a goldfish!" I offered.

"Can I take it out and play with it?..."she asked.

When I explained to her that fish live in water and that she couldn't take it out to play with it she told me she didn't want one.
"Ok, what about a hamster?" I said excitedly.

"Whats that?" 

The best way I could explain it was that it was a cute furry mouse.

  "I don't like mouses" she said.

By this time I was out of ideas.

There was no way we were getting another dog or cat so I gave up.

A few minutes later she came back...

"Well........ I was thinking..." she said slowly.

"I was thinking that...... if I could have a tiger like Jasmine...."

I laughed and realized she was completely serious and sent her to ask her dad.

He laughed and told her that tigers bite and it would eat us.

"I'll  keep it in the guestroom.........." she begged.

So we told her we'd think about it.