Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mason Jar Pendant Light

Its clear that whoever built our house had high-quality and design in mind when they picked out and installed this little beauty, however, its just not my style.

I know, shocking! :)

 I have been wanting to change it ever since we moved in.  I wanted something unique and a little country.
I stumbled across a  Mason Jar Pendant light online and fell in LOVE!

I found one at Barn Light Electric for only $149.00.

BUT if you know me, you know I would never pay that... AND I figured I could probably make it for a lot cheaper and I did!  

I bought a mini pendant light kit at Lowe's ($17.00) and a friend at work gave me a Mason Jar.  I painted the gold mason jar lid black to match the light kit and I LOVE IT!!

Thanks Dad for hanging it for me! :)