Monday, February 21, 2011


I've already told you how thoughtful and sweet Lizzy is. However, she out did her self this weekend. 
(I know,  hard to believe.)

As-if the tearing up our garbage and going #2 on my walkway wasn't enough now shes resorted to stealing. 

Saturday morning I went to get something out of my car. There was a pile of bones at my front door and one proud puppy there wagging her tail. 

 It was  nearly a full skeleton.
I have no idea of what, however we could probably figure it out since she brought the entire scull, intact.

I went to wake Josh and let him know what his precious pup left him.

"Um, Josh. We have a problem....'

"What?" He said, still half asleep.

"There is a full skeleton on our porch..."

"A HUMAN one?" He said, jumping awake.

For a split second I thought about saying "Yep!! We better call the cops!!!"

But instead, " No, dummy, an animal."

He wasn't impressed and he went back to sleep. 

When we left for our nieces party we were all checking out our newest gift from Liz.

"Mom I know what that is." Rilyn exclaimed.

"Its a dinosaur! Lizzy found a dinosaur! I'm so proud of her!"

And that's not all.

Sunday morning when we got home from church she brought us one of the neighbors shoes.

This is not the first time she brought other peoples shoes to us however, this time Josh was especially excited!

"Heck yea, I got Jordan's!" He exclaimed walking up to the porch.

Sadly, she only brought the right shoe.
And I'm sure somewhere down our street one teenage boy was probably pretty upset getting ready for school this morning.