Friday, February 11, 2011


As Ive probably told you both of my girls are obsessed with Shrek. Rilyn knows all the Shrek movies by heart and if Raigen is fussy and you put it on Shrek she immediately calms down and is glued to the TV like it is hypnotizing her. 

Last night the girls where running in circles in the living room chasing each other and  screaming, After 2 close calls with the coffee table for Ms. Raigen I couldn't take anymore. Josh put on Shrek to calm the girls down.

As soon as the movie came on Rilyn exclaimed "Donkey says a bad word in this one Dad!."

"Where?" Josh asked.

"Fast forward it and Ill show you!" She hissed.

When he got to the part she was referring to, he played it.  It was at the part where Shrek and Fiona are just coming home from their honeymoon and Donkey is inside their house singing. He sings ..." 2 can be as bad as one......"

"See dad! I told ya!!" she cried.

 Josh explained to her that Donkey is saying 'AS' not 'ASS' and that 'AS' is not bad word.

"Can I say 'AS'?.." she asked, hesitantly.

When he told her yes, she then immediately asked  "Can I call Raigen an 'AS'?....."

Laughing, hysterically,  he tried to explain to her what 'AS" meant and that you don't call peoples an 'AS'.

I'm not sure she completely understood, however, she thoroughly enjoys using the word 'AS'.