Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Sunday afternoon project: The Girls New Kitchen!

Even though we are not completely finished yet I've decided to post some pictures. The girls  each have their own plastic kitchens in their rooms. Which is perfect for Raigen, but Rilyn is ready for bigger and better things. :)
I found this idea on line and though it would look perfect on my front porch for the girls!

Ever wonder what to do with that old TV Entertainment Center??..

Here is the before, I almost forgot to take a picture!
(The entertainment center was FREE from a coworker.)

Here is the after!  :)

The refrigerator.
We still need to pick up the magnetic pieces to make the doors stay shut.

The stove. 
 I bought a long kitchen handle at Lowe's and painted it white and hung it like the stove handle.

The sink.
 We cleaned up and used the dogs water bowl for this and we used an old bathroom faucet from a previous bathroom remodel. I bought the mirror at Dollar Tree and painted the frame white for the window.  I hung a small shelf under the window. I also picked up all the hooks and the plant at Dollar Tree too.
Where the shelf and drawer  was in the middle. I took the drawer out and  bought some fabric and made a curtain for it and hung it with a tension rod. I also made a mini curtain for the window.

The only thing missing on this part is the stove top.We were up until 9:45 working on this last night and just didn't have it in us to finish it. We are going to finish it today and Ill post more pictures.
I bought the skillet at Dollar Tree along with the cooking utensils.

I think it turned out cute! And Rilyn LOVES it!

Friday, February 25, 2011

A trip to the park....

The other day after work we piled the girls in the car to go to the park.

I have no idea what started it, but Josh and I began to bicker.

Anyway- when we stopped to get gas I requested (several times) for him to let me drive.

He said no, he was driving.

When we reached the park, amazingly, the argument ceased and we played with the girls.

Later when we got back into the car to head home, Rilyn asks..

"Ya ll remember when y'all was arguing?"...

Glancing at each other, wondering where this was going, we both said yes.

"You remember when you said let me drive right now,  mommy?"

"Yes..." I replied, cautiously.

She giggled..."That was my favorite part!"


Even though Josh hasn't rode a bicycle in YEARS he still thought it was a great idea to ride a bicycle to work.
Yesterday, before the trial run,  he was looking up new bicycles online.
He told me that they can get pretty expensive and range all the way up to 1200.
He also told me to cancel the insurance on his truck and that we need to look at getting a bike rack put on my truck.
Before we did anything or spent any money on his amazing idea I borrowed a bike from a coworker so he could test out how great his theory was going to work.

Yesterday he did a trial run.

He told me he was going to ride to the Shell gas station and back.
From our house he left and headed toward the Shell gas station. I gave him a good 2 minute head start and then thought it would be a great idea to follow him and take some pictures.

Just as I pulled out on the highway I noticed he was heading toward me, back home.
He rode .4 of a mile.
I turned around and followed him home.

When I got home he told me that he thought he was going to die and that his legs felt like jello.

I didn't remind him that Rilyn rode her bike on the walking trail at the park for a mile straight.
I could tell he was hurting, physically. So i told him to go relax.

Only a real man admits defeat.

My Josh is a real man. :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My husband's bright idea.

In an effort to get in shape and save money my husband came up with a bright idea to get a bicycle and ride it to and from work, a mere 4 1/2 miles.

I told him to be on the safe side he should leave the house 1 hour early.

He then stated that he didn't want to get to work 45 minutes early. I then assured "Lance" that although it is only a 7 minute drive I was 100% sure that he would not get there 45 minutes early.

 I foresee one major problem that he, with out a doubt, will face.

The Problem:  We live on a large hill.

Therefore his ride to work may be tolerable, however, his ride home..... hell.

 And he probably will not be able to walk for the next 2 days.

Tomorrow is day one.

I give it one day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Random cutness...


I've already told you how thoughtful and sweet Lizzy is. However, she out did her self this weekend. 
(I know,  hard to believe.)

As-if the tearing up our garbage and going #2 on my walkway wasn't enough now shes resorted to stealing. 

Saturday morning I went to get something out of my car. There was a pile of bones at my front door and one proud puppy there wagging her tail. 

 It was  nearly a full skeleton.
I have no idea of what, however we could probably figure it out since she brought the entire scull, intact.

I went to wake Josh and let him know what his precious pup left him.

"Um, Josh. We have a problem....'

"What?" He said, still half asleep.

"There is a full skeleton on our porch..."

"A HUMAN one?" He said, jumping awake.

For a split second I thought about saying "Yep!! We better call the cops!!!"

But instead, " No, dummy, an animal."

He wasn't impressed and he went back to sleep. 

When we left for our nieces party we were all checking out our newest gift from Liz.

"Mom I know what that is." Rilyn exclaimed.

"Its a dinosaur! Lizzy found a dinosaur! I'm so proud of her!"

And that's not all.

Sunday morning when we got home from church she brought us one of the neighbors shoes.

This is not the first time she brought other peoples shoes to us however, this time Josh was especially excited!

"Heck yea, I got Jordan's!" He exclaimed walking up to the porch.

Sadly, she only brought the right shoe.
And I'm sure somewhere down our street one teenage boy was probably pretty upset getting ready for school this morning.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Though she  looks adorable, cuddly, and sweet, shes not.

She is hell.

I don't know what part of 'lab' we didn't understand, but people we have our freakin' hands full.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can keep her out of the garbage can. I honestly believe if it had a pad lock she could and would mange to find some way to get in it and stream it from one side of our yard to the other.

Her favorite place to go  "#2" : our side walk leading to our front door.

I know... how sweet!   She leaves us presents to come home to. Or in other cases to stumble upon (literally) while we are leaving for work.

And now the sweet heart has started barking at all hours of the night. And when we try to ignore her, guess what?... She'll come right to the french doors to our master bedroom and 'serenade' us.

People say she will grow out of his stage in a year or so.... I just hope she lives that long.

Friday, February 11, 2011


As Ive probably told you both of my girls are obsessed with Shrek. Rilyn knows all the Shrek movies by heart and if Raigen is fussy and you put it on Shrek she immediately calms down and is glued to the TV like it is hypnotizing her. 

Last night the girls where running in circles in the living room chasing each other and  screaming, After 2 close calls with the coffee table for Ms. Raigen I couldn't take anymore. Josh put on Shrek to calm the girls down.

As soon as the movie came on Rilyn exclaimed "Donkey says a bad word in this one Dad!."

"Where?" Josh asked.

"Fast forward it and Ill show you!" She hissed.

When he got to the part she was referring to, he played it.  It was at the part where Shrek and Fiona are just coming home from their honeymoon and Donkey is inside their house singing. He sings ..." 2 can be as bad as one......"

"See dad! I told ya!!" she cried.

 Josh explained to her that Donkey is saying 'AS' not 'ASS' and that 'AS' is not bad word.

"Can I say 'AS'?.." she asked, hesitantly.

When he told her yes, she then immediately asked  "Can I call Raigen an 'AS'?....."

Laughing, hysterically,  he tried to explain to her what 'AS" meant and that you don't call peoples an 'AS'.

I'm not sure she completely understood, however, she thoroughly enjoys using the word 'AS'.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The new pet.

Last night while discussing what we were going to do with the animals because it was going to freeze. The subject of the rabbit came up and Rilyn suddenly remembered her rabbit had 'ran away'.

She was immediately heartbroken.....

Raigen still had her rabbit and she didn't have one.

 I told her that she and Raigen could just share the rabbit, but she wasn't having that.

"Can I get a new pet?.." she asked joyfully.

"Well... how about a goldfish!" I offered.

"Can I take it out and play with it?..."she asked.

When I explained to her that fish live in water and that she couldn't take it out to play with it she told me she didn't want one.
"Ok, what about a hamster?" I said excitedly.

"Whats that?" 

The best way I could explain it was that it was a cute furry mouse.

  "I don't like mouses" she said.

By this time I was out of ideas.

There was no way we were getting another dog or cat so I gave up.

A few minutes later she came back...

"Well........ I was thinking..." she said slowly.

"I was thinking that...... if I could have a tiger like Jasmine...."

I laughed and realized she was completely serious and sent her to ask her dad.

He laughed and told her that tigers bite and it would eat us.

"I'll  keep it in the guestroom.........." she begged.

So we told her we'd think about it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Musings of a 3 year old...

After work yesterday while cooking dinner Rilyn came in the kitchen.

I can always tell when she has something 'dramatic' to say because she storms in and her hands go right on her hips.

"Guess what  Mimi did today Mom..." she tattled.

"What?" I asked

"She wouldn't let me watch Jerry Springer!"

Immediately I started laughing.

"Well you don't need to watch Jerry Springer!" I replied.

"Well.....sometimes I watch Ellen!" she declared.

Next,  I explained to her that Jerry Springer was bad and she wasn't allowed to watch it  and Ellen was ok to watch.

Later that night Josh was talking on the  phone to his brother Troy. Rilyn has had a HUGE crush on Troy since she was born! If you ask her who her boyfriend is, its Troy.

When Josh got off the phone with Troy, Rilyn rushed over and asked...

"was that my old man?"...

"Your WHAT?" Josh asked.

"My old man." she said.

I don't know where she gets this stuff from, its times like these that I wish we had hidden cameras in our house!

For your viewing pleasure.....

Playing peek-a-boo with big sis!

 Notice the macaroni, everywhere! :)
 It was cold Rilyn dressed herself for bed and insisted on sleeping in hat and gloves.

Mason Jar Pendant Light

Its clear that whoever built our house had high-quality and design in mind when they picked out and installed this little beauty, however, its just not my style.

I know, shocking! :)

 I have been wanting to change it ever since we moved in.  I wanted something unique and a little country.
I stumbled across a  Mason Jar Pendant light online and fell in LOVE!

I found one at Barn Light Electric for only $149.00.

BUT if you know me, you know I would never pay that... AND I figured I could probably make it for a lot cheaper and I did!  

I bought a mini pendant light kit at Lowe's ($17.00) and a friend at work gave me a Mason Jar.  I painted the gold mason jar lid black to match the light kit and I LOVE IT!!

Thanks Dad for hanging it for me! :)