Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trash vs Treasure

Last night Josh and I tackled the daunting task of cleaning out our  guestroom/storage room. It was a large task and with Josh's organization tactics, there was sure to be some bickering.

For instance, he wanted to throw away all my stuff.

Example A:

When he came across all the left over Princess Party and Carnival Party stuff.

"This is all garbage." He announced.

"Um, no its not!" I said.

"We are never going to use this stuff again. " He argued, like our girls will never have another birthday again.

"I am not throwing away UN-opened table cloths, napkins, and party favors!" I debated.

He stated that we have too much junk and we need to get rid of everything we don't use or need. 

 I agreed.

However, strangely, he only wanted to throw away my things.

Example B:

I came across his old paintball gun.

I didn't really want to throw it away, however I wanted to prove a point. And I did. :)

"Well this is garbage." I declared. 

"No, no that is not garbage. I'm going to use that!" He cried.

In the 6 years Josh and I have been together, not once has he used that thing.  And when I told him that he claimed that he has been 'planning' on using it.  

Next when I came across an old CD case from high school full of 90's hits. I announced again that it was garbage, because like  HE said we need to get rid of everything we don't use or need.

"Oh no! That is not trash! I have been looking for those! " He argued, referring to his case of Cd's filled with Jewel, Matchbox 20, Aqua, and various other 'timeless' classics.

Laughing, I stated that he has not listened to any of those Cd's in 6 years and I am very sure that he wouldn't miss them.

Sensing my triumph, I gave in..

Amazingly after that he left my stuff alone and we finished cleaning our guestroom dispute-free. :)