Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nail Polish...

For Christmas Rilyn got a kids makeup set. With that kit came nail polish. I instructed her that she is not allowed to paint her nails unless she asks first. So far she has listened.
Last night she came from her room with her face caked with make up. Josh said she looked like a valley girl with too much plastic surgery. Apparently, she had colored her entire face with the lipstick and she was shiny! lol
"Can I please paint my nails mom?...." She begged.
"I will sit at the table and be SO careful!"
"OK, let me roll your sleeves up so you don't get polish on your shirt though. Be careful and don't make a mess." I instructed.
I rolled her sleeves up and put her at the table with her nail polish.
I don't mind her sitting at our kitchen table painting, its black and rustic. So if there is a mess it wont be super noticeable.
About 10 minutes later she yelled for me and asked if she could paint mine too.
What tha heck....
I came into the kitchen and set at the table and placed my hands on the table to be painted.
"Don't put your hands there mom!" She warned.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because I was drawing a picture right there with my nail polish!" She replied.
"I thought I told you to not to make a mess..." that was all I got out before I noticed her shirt.
The whole front of it was smeared with purple nail polish.
"I'm sorry mom, now be still!" She hissed, while still trying to paint my nails.
"Why did you wipe it on your shirt?..That's why I rolled your sleeves up so you wouldn't get it on your shirt." I said.
"Well...... you should of rolled this up too."She exclaimed, pointing to the front of her shirt.
Now what was I suppose to say to that?......