Monday, January 10, 2011

My husband is mean.

My husband just cracks his self up...

Hes mean and loves to make fun of me EVERY chance he gets!!

Saturday we headed to The Woodlands to The Avia Hotel to a dinner for my district.

On the way we passed Kebab House.

"That place looks good." I said as we passed it.

"What place?.." He asked.

Now, as I said, I saw it as we were passing it... I thought it said Kebah (KEE-BA), with an 'H' on the end not a 'B'.

"Kebah..."I said.

He immediately started laughing hysterically.

"You mean 'Kebab'?"

And from then on I was the butt of all jokes.

He just wouldn't let it go.

As we continued to the hotel a car pulled out in front of us, going 20 in a 55.

"She must be lost... She was probably looking for The 'Kebah' restaurant. " he said again laughing so hard he had tears.

The lady then turned into Home Depot.

"Oh look, " he said.

"Shes going to Home De Pot."

We both laughed. A lot.

And my makeup was starting to run.

It was one of those things that was funny, but it wasn't.

"Quit it!" I yelled. "I mean it!"

To 'get him back' I made him take a trip with me in Sam Moon. :)

And just when I thought the torture was over...

"Well.... do you want to stop by Old Nav-e?" He asked.

Bahaha... very funny.

I thought he would never give it up.....