Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rilyn's 1st time cleaning her room...

After the little incident with Rilyn's room getting trashed, I vowed never to let it happen again.
Never again will I stay up till 11:30 cleaning up my 3 year olds room, on a work night!
I wont even mention the BILLIONS of Lego's I had to clean up.
Thank you Aunt Sarah-Bug.
I wanted to bag them up and invite everyone over for a bonfire.
Oh how I can not wait till she has a little one........ :)
Anyway, now Rilyn is in charge of cleaning her own room.
The other night before bed I asked her to go and clean up her room. It wasn't very messy, just some books and barbies were out.
She said OK and went straight to clean her room!
I was surprised and ecstatic.
No fuss, no threats of time-out... I must have the best kid ever!!
She came out 5 minutes later and informed me it was all clean.
"OK, well I'm going to go check." I warned.
I knew she didn't not clean it in 5 minutes.
"No don't go check!!"She quickly responded.
"Well you better go finish cleaning it up." I instructed.
She marched back to her room to finish cleaning it.
This time she was a lot less enthusiastic.
She then returned, again about 5 minutes later.
When I warned her that I was going to go check it she said OK and led the way.
As soon as we got into her room I noticed the floor was clean.
"Great job! I'm so proud of you!" I said.
"I just shoved everthing under my bed!! " She announced.
VERY proudly.