Thursday, December 16, 2010

TV Dinners....

Last night I made grilled chicken, rice, and corn. Rilyn didn't want it.
"You hungry?" I asked her. "I don't want that!" She exclaimed.

So then I offered her a TV dinner. It was one of those kid TV dinners that come with chicken nuggets, macaroni, and pudding.

She excepted.

I went and put some laundry up and came back into the kitchen to find her mixing EVERYTHING together, pudding and all.

"Look mom, I'm making a new recipe. Its going to be SO yummy!" She said excitingly.

"Yea, I bet..."

I don't really care how she eats her food, as long as she eats.

"Taste it mom!" she begged.

I was speechless....

"Come on... you better hurrrrrrrrry before I eat it!" She warned, smiling at me with the cutest smile you have ever seen, while holding that tempting spoon up FULL of food.
Yea, I'm pretty much one of those Moms that cant tell their kids no.

And 'yum'... is pretty much the only word I could get out with out throwing up.