Friday, December 3, 2010

Rilyn's mystery cramps...

Last night Rilyn and I were sitting in the living room watching a Christmas movie when all the sudden she started moaning and holding her stomach. I asked her what was wrong.
" Ooooouch...."
She said bent over holding her stomach.
" I'm cramping SO bad mom!...Ouch..."
My first thought was 'huh? Where did she get this from?'...THEN I remembered my mom came over yesterday morning asking if I had any Midol, she said her cramps were so bad she could barely move.
Later, Rilyn walked over to me while I was in the recliner and asked me to please hold her. She said , in her dramatic tone "Hold me mom, my feet are cramping now too!!!"
I replied with "Really?.. if your stomach AND feet are cramping we might need to take you to the doctor."
"No, I'm OK now." She informed me.
And oddly, she hasn't 'cramped' since.