Friday, December 3, 2010

Our daughter's 1st wedding.

It all started when we took Rilyn to our friends wedding this past May. The way she understood it is that when you get married you get to wear a dress and dance. And since then she has been obsessed with weddings. And she LOVES to pretend to get married.
This is what she looked like when she came out of her room and declared she was getting married, that we all HAD to attend and that it was being held in our living room.

Just absolutely gorgeous, right?....

It was the prettiest 'fall wedding' I'd ever seen.

Anyway, she wanted to be introduced. So I introduced her.

"Do you take your him to be your husband?" I asked, as if I were the preacher.

Clearly confused. She asked "who?"

"Your boyfriend, they guy you are marrying." I said laughing.

"Oh yea, yes." She said

"Well you may kiss your husband" I said.

She rolled her eyes and hissed, "We dont kiss Mom!!"

She then, slowly, handed me her flowers and vail, like she was getting ready to break out in a sacred dance or something.

She was. LOL

She danced and danced and danced.

Apparently, the dancing was the wedding. And she then had 20+ more weddings that weekend.

And we ALL had to attend.

Sadly though her bouquet has come up missing, and we haven't had a wedding since.

Darn it.