Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lesson Learned...

Lesson Learned: Do NOT expect TOO much from your husband.

Don't expect him to have the kids feed and in bed. And for heavens sake, don't expect him to have them bathed AND in their PJ's either!
And don't you dare expect any housework done!
Lesson learned.
Last night Jan had her annual Ornament Exchanging Party.
I cooked dinner for Josh and the girls before I left.
I returned home at about 10:45.
Neither child had a bath, neither were even in their PJ's, and every dish that they used was still there waiting for me in the sink.
AND this is what our 3 year olds room looked like....
While taking a picture of Rilyn's room had I not tripped, dropped my camera and stumped my toe I would of taken a picture of the kitchen too!
Yes, lesson learned.