Monday, December 13, 2010

A Christmas Miracle...

First, let me start from the very beginning.

Josh is horrible at buying gifts. I love the guy, but its true.

We started dating in January of 2004, my birthday is in March. I wasn't expecting alot for my birthday, we had just starting dating.

On my birthday we met up to go out. He was going to take me to humble to the mall to see a movie and to dinner. When we met up, he was holding a balled up wal-mart bag. He quickly handed it to me and said "Happy Birthday!!" As I opened it, he began to explain to me that his sister was having a garage sale that day and he got this for me.

I laughed and knew he had to be joking.

He wasn't.

I saw the box and it had a picture of a neon heart light that you plug into the wall and I just knew that my 'real' gift was inside.

It wasn't.

Really?... Is this happening?... I thought.

Believe it or not I stayed with the man. lol... and his gift giving skills have not improved. Every year he constantly is giving me a list of what he wants for his birthday or for Christmas but forgetting to ask me what I want...

So every year I buy me own gifts. I actually prefer it. I get what I want and I don't have to worry about him spending $200.00 on something Ill never use.

But guess what??..


This year HE bought my gift!

Terrified, I hacked into his email and pulled the order up and surprisingly its exactly what I told him I wanted!!

Its a freakin' Christmas miracle!