Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was by far the best Christmas ever.

Below are some random, completely out of order pictures...


Raigen AND Rilyn both in my bed Christmas eve night... waiting on Santa!

Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve morning. Normally we let the girls open up presents from Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve night, but since I knew we'd be at Lubby's we went ahead and let them open them on Christmas Eve morning so they'd have all day to play.:)

Later Christmas Eve day...

Martha's beautiful table decor! :)...who knew!

If you know Lubby, you know that any kid that comes to her house gets stripped down.
I have know idea why.
Apparently Raigen was 'so hot'. Therefore, my baby was shirtless!

I asked Laney and Rilyn to get together to take a picture.
Laney immediately turned around to pull her pants down. LOL

My sweetie :)

Now, here we go...

Kiley and Rilyn

This semester Troy is taking 5 additional classes....
And you people wonder why.....

This year my brother dressed as Santa and delivered the presents on Christmas Eve night.
Rilyn was so excited when she 'caught' Santa.

Naughty, naughty Santa!!

Rilyn 'catching' Santa....

Christmas morning at Mimi's....
Bailey and Rilyn

All 4 of the girls!