Monday, November 1, 2010

I ♥ Halloween

This Halloween has been my favorite by far. Josh and I were one super fly couple and we had the 2 cutest bumble bees you have ever seen!! Rilyn especially enjoyed every aspect of Halloween this year. From the parties, to pumpkin carving, she loved everything. If she could celebrate Halloween every weekend she probably would. :) We started our Halloween off Saturday with 2 parties. Then Sunday we visited with family, then did a little trick or treating. Rilyn had a ball! She talked and talked to everyone at every house we went to! She even told these old people at this one house.... "I wish I could have some of your decorations, I really love pumpkins.." LMAO...
The most adorable bees!!
Baby Bee

Rilyn & her BFF Laci

Family picture!

Baby bee was mad. She doesn't like the way the grass feels.

Big sister bee!

Raigen & Abby
Someone has already had too much chocolate!

Family Picture dos

I love this picture...

Raigen and Micah

The cutest Dorothy I have ever seen! Emma!